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MakeLab is committed to providing solutions to all dimensions of makerspace education. Here are our services and capabilities:

Grants Awards

Makerspace Design

Air Force base Youth Services can apply for grants from MakeLAB to buy equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers, computers, furniture etc and consumable materials. Grants are awarded as gifts pursuant to 10 U.S. Code § 2601.

After your base staff has identified a suitable room, MakeLAB staff will visit to have an in-depth discussion about the needs of your program as well as create a makerspace floor plan and bill of materials. MakeLAB staff can also present to command if desired.

Logistic Support

Advanced students will become mentors to junior students and will have access to STEM internship opportunities and funding for personal projects.

Staff Training

MakeLAB staff will visit before the ribbon cutting to provide multiple days of intensive training for staff. Training includes makerspace safety, curriculum and teaching techniques.


MakeLAB provides three modules of STEM curriculum based on research from the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Each module of the curriculum contains 20 lesson plans. In addition to learning STEM skills like 3D design, digital fabrication, coding and electronics, students will learn how to apply their skills to real world problems and how to lead teams.

Virtual Support

MakeLAB staff are available to provide virtual training for instructors and to support after school classes virtually with our unique live streaming system.

*MakeLAB's services are free to DoD partners. Paid contracting is available for others.

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